About The Artist

There are people who believe art is a relaxing and easy endeavor. For me, nothing can be farther from the truth - it is a constant journey of exploration and problem-solving.  

I use a variety of materials such as encaustic, digital photography, collage and various types of pigments (ink, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, etc.). Often times, I think it would be easier if I could label myself as one "type" of artist, but I find labels can hold one back from exploring with different media.  As I mature artistically, I have discovered that light, color, value, lines, shape, and critical thinking apply across the board, regardless of the media or process used.  

My work is informed by objects that are cast aside, rusted, broken, worn, and weathered by natural erosion or from human use.  I am inspired by ephemeral mark-making, open-ended, abstract surfaces, and my art reflects that aesthetic. It is worked and re-worked until I have many layers. One of the best surprises is uncovering those layers, like an archeological dig.

Artists need a working knowledge of many materials and substrates; an understanding how to fabricate, execute, and how to communicate a creative vision or idea. Many people like to think that one is born an artist (aka “she has a good eye”). I experiment a lot in order to figure things out. I have both successes and failures and strive to make each project a personal challenge and joyous discovery. In the end, I am my own worst critic...but with each new work, I grow. That's the enchantment of "making".